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Hydroseeding is really a simple process. Water, certified seed and fertiliser and an organic, environmentally friendly protective mulch is mixed in a large tank and sprayed onto an area.

Water in the mix acts as a carrier, on contacting the seed it will jump start the growth process.

Certified seed of many varieties is selected according to the desired outcome required. These can include grass or lawn seeds, pasture seed, seed for fields and erosion control or wild flowers, for example.

Fertiliser that will stimulate root growth is included in the mix. This will maintain growth for up to eight weeks.

Hydro seeding mulch is what gives it the green colour when applied. This helps to protect the seed and to seal in the moisture. Our mulch holds 5x more moisture than soil. We use organically and environmentally prepared wood fibre. Should this accidentally get on other surfaces such as driveways or a building, it will not stain and can be easily washed off, brushed off when dry or it will disappear with time.

We add in a tackifier to our product; this aids in holding material when on a hillside or in rainy conditions.

This results quicker growth and better coverage compared to hand seeding for a similar cost whilst being more efficient than laying roll out lawn and around a third of the cost on average. 

hydroseeding residential lawn
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